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5 Dumpster Safety Tips to Consider During Your Home Renovation

Home renovation involves a lot of hacking resulting in a large amount of debris. You need to dispose of the debris in a safe manner. Dumpsters offer homeowners the convenient method of handling all their wastes. But there are a few safety guidelines that you have to keep in mind before you set up your dumpster.

  1. Things that cannot be dumped in the dumpster: Even though it is a dumpster you cannot dump everything under the sun into it. Solvents, flammable substances, batteries, tires, radioactive material, electronics and material acidic in nature must not be thrown in the dumpster.
  2. Ideal location: Where you place the dumpster is equally important. Ensure that it is placed on the even surface for stability. There should be sufficient moving space around the dumpster to avoid collision with dividers and trees and electrical cables.
  3. Choose the right size: As a safety measure dumpster companies do not allow them to be filled to the brim because it is hard to cover the debris with a tarp or a lid and so during movement, the debris will fly and can cause injuries. Height and weight are proportionate in a dumpster. Hence, choose a size that is sufficient for your debris and the related weight.
  4. Check the condition of the dumpster: It is mandatory that you ensure that the dumpster is in proper shape and has no broken pivots or rusted parts. It should remain sturdy and not give way when it is time to move it. Ensure that all preventive signs are visible.
  5. Educate children on dumpster safety: Curious by nature kids will try to explore dumpsters. It is important that they are told about the hazards of dumpsters like poking nails, glass shreds etc. which can cause severe harm. Despite warning them to be vigilant when children are playing around dumpsters.

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