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Free Ways to Make Your Place Feel More Spacious

If you are looking to make your home look bigger and more welcoming click here. Adding mirrors, using bright ceiling paint are all the most popular ways recommended to make any room look big. Here are a few other ideas besides these –

  • Remove all unwanted furniture. There are some pieces of furniture you add because you need them and there are some that you add because the design calls for them. Investing in convertible furniture or multipurpose furniture instead would be a better option. The more the available space to move around, the roomier would the room look.
  • Use up wall space and leave the floor space. Instead of a corner table, you could choose a wall shelf or even a hanging shelf for placing your décor pieces or lights. When you use as little floors space as possible, the room looks more spacious.
  • Use hanging planters or stacking planters. A room does look empty if there are no greens. For adding more plants within a small room, you could add hanging planters. Vertical gardens are great options as well. So, without making the room look crowded you would be able to add a green touch.
  • Do not block the entryway with any chunky furniture. When there is a smooth flow a clear path to move around then the house looks larger.
  • Limit the number of items on the visible shelves. Open shelves are great for the kitchens and living rooms but storing too many items on the open shelves might make the room look clumsy. Another factor that helps in making the place look spacious is a clear countertop.
  • Limit the furnishing. Pick the right sized cushions and throws which would not make the place look cluttered.

The prints and the colors you choose for the rugs, carpets, curtains, throws, cushion covers, and even the walls also have an impact on the way the room looks and feels.