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The Best Energy Saving Tips

Usage:  The basic tip to save energy is to switch off lights and fans when not in use.  Use more of timers in appliances.  They automatically switch off the appliance once the work is done.

There are gadgets come with automatic adjustment of temperature, programmable timings etc.   They use less power when compared with the normal gadgets.

Appliances from reputed brands:  Always buy good quality appliances of reputed brands.

Proper maintenance of appliances is very helpful in saving power.  For example, frequent cleaning of filters of the air conditioner is very important.  If you continue to use it with the dirty filters, the efficiency of the air conditioner will be poor and you will end up in using the AC for a longer duration.  This will spike the power bill. Also if you are not sure do not try self-repairing techniques.  Use expert services from professionals like TemeculaElectricianPros for setting the electrical problems right.

LED bulbs:  Replace the lights with LED bulbs which are energy-saving.

Water usage:  Do not waste water during washing, bathing, and cleaning.  Water wastage will lead to hike in power consumption.

Check leakages and wastages:  Always check for repairs and get them corrected at the earliest.  Pipeline and tap leakages lead to water wastage.  Similarly keeping windows open when AC is switched on, will result in cool air flowing outside.   Prevent such practices and ensure you use less energy.

Refrigerator temperature:  Always maintain the correct temperature in the fridge as per user manual.  When your family goes on vacation, normally you do not use the full storing capacity of the fridge.  Hence don’t forget to modify the temperature setting to a minimum so that power is saved.

Eat together:  Try to have dinners together with the family so that frequent micro-wave reheating is avoided.  Practically it is not possible to have all the meals together.  At least dinner can be had at the same time.