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The Ultimate Guide: How to Dress for Success as a Woman in Real Estate

Real estate is male-dominated and therefore it becomes important that woman work harder to prove their mettle and worth. IT all begins with how you dress to work; your dress conveys your taste to your clients.  Your physical appearance, dress, voice and the manner you conduct yourself will impress the client. Here are few tips on how to dress if you are in real estate.

  1. Dress in neutral colors: If you wear too flashy or bright colors then you will be dismissed as tacky, distracting and not serious. Always have charcoal, black, or navy-blue suit in your wardrobe. Slacks and pantsuits are also suitable for the job.
  2. Groom yourself well: It is crucial that you maintain yourself and keep your self-presentable at all time. Make sure your nails are manicured and your hair neatly did. Messy hair can ruin everything.
  3. Minimum Makeup: You are not advertising a brand when you take your clients for property sighting. Hence keep the makeup to bare essentials and tone down on the jewelry and lipstick. You can check out office accessories at luxtime.su.
  4. Well fitted clothes: Be wary of the skirt shapes and length. While your clothes must fit well, they must not be too tight or silhouetted. You might have to go from place to place hence wear clothes that are comfortable and creaseless.
  5. No skimpy clothes: Do not wear see-through blouses or low cut deep necked tops. You want the attention of your clients on the properties and not on you or your physical attributes. Always wear closed shoes and not open sandals as they are not considered professional.
  6. Well-fitting shoes: Ensure your shoes are well fitting and comfortable and do not attract undue attention to them. Even though stilettoes look good they might not be the best idea if you are going to be running around the whole day. Flats are the best for long days of standing.


Decluttering Tips: How to Declutter Your Wardrobe Once and For All

We have experienced wardrobe malfunction many times in our life, I am sure all of us will agree, how many times we tried to find the outfit we want to dress up and loo! It is not as good as new and there begins our plight to find that all we have is a heap of clothes we want to just vanish it out of our sight as soon as possible. Yes, Declutter is the word that comes to our mind as the New Year unfolds.

Top Tips to Declutter

  • just empty the entire wardrobe and they take a deep breath to see the pile of clutter you have spent a fortune on, think that the space in your cupboard is precious and keep the clothes you will actually wear
  • categorize the clothes, like old trench coats, blazers, underwear, socks, costumes, as it makes it easier to sort and then handle then think of disposing of them
  • make a list of the items like the newest to the oldest in terms of size and ware to give it off or sell it and donate the amount to charity
  • flea sale is very popular across social media, check it out at luxtime.su hence sorting the clothes from your wardrobe to choose the best at pre-loved sales
  • the most unbearable stock we accumulate is shoes and lingerie, you have to be brutal and dispose of them, do not accumulate the stretched frumpy and torn underwear for goodness sake
  • finalize your clothes, storing old and off-season clothes in tropical weather is just not done, keep the best and choicely clothes that will be used at least a couple of times in the closet

Using slimmer hangers are better than using the bulgy and space consuming hangers, recycle the old handbags that are the worst of the decluttering decision to take.