All About Architects

What is an architect?

An architect is a trained and licensed professional who comes up with a plan and the design of a building and the surrounding areas. The architect is also engaged during the construction phase to ensure that the architectural plan and design is followed. They are primarily focused on buildings but they may also be engaged in the design and construction of other structures.

What do architects do?

Their main role is to ensure that the building is functional and efficient with respect to the intended use, safe for all users, environmentally sustainable and economical to the owners. The building design must also be aesthetically pleasing and in line with public safety and sanitation requirements. Basically, the architects listen to what their clients want and need and bring it to life.

There are two main levels of architecture- the design level and the technical implementation level. The design architect is tasked with coming up with a comprehensive design of different aspects of the building while the technical architect will supervise the actual construction work. In small firms there may not be a clear distinction among the two but in larger organisations, the roles are clearly demarcated.

Architects also offer advice on different aspects of construction such as fall protection and assist those involved in getting the prerequisite licenses for the work to commence. The advice and guidance may range from information on appropriate building designs to project management aspects that increase efficiency.

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How do architects plan safe buildings?

Architects rely on their skills and experience to plan and design safe buildings. However, they are also guided by the architectural design standards in the state of operation as well as the legal provisions on the provision of such services. They also consider different environmental and climatic conditions when coming up with designs to enhance safety.

Why do architects plan safe buildings?

Buildings are constructed to be used by human beings either for work, residential or entertainment reacted purposes. When the buildings are considered unsafe, they compromise the life and health of its users by creating a conducive environment for the occurrence of accidents. Besides this, the government requires all buildings to be safe for use and habitation and therefore by planning safe buildings, the architects are enhancing compliance with the law.

Who would need an architect?

While some people believe that not all construction projects require an architect, it is prerequisite to consult one before the commencement of any construction activity. Individuals, private organisations and public institutions can engage the services of an architect when planning medium to large construction projects. For small projects with limited resources, an off-the-shelf architectural plan can work with minimal modifications by the technical team. However, even small but complicated projects must have an architect for safety purposes and to facilitate compliance with the set standards.

If you are looking for an architect, you must consider their skills, experience, reputation, work history and fees. However, you must also pay special attention to how they treat their colleagues and clients since this profession requires collaboration with other professionals.